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Our flagship software product, Portable Avionics Test Solution (PATS++®), is widely used in aircraft programs. PATS++ is a complete, Graphical User Interface (GUI) based application solution for simulating, monitoring, data logging, playback, analyzing protocols, and testing any avionics systems or subsystems like Line Replaceable Unit (LRU). It supports multiple OS platforms with features like simultaneous operation of Bus Controller, 31 Remote Terminals and Bus Monitoring along with concurrent simulation, display, and data logging in real time.

PATS++ can be loaded on any portable system (Laptop, PCs) with relevant hardware interfaces and can be used to perform powerful, independent, and integrated avionics systems testing. PATS++ is a sophisticated system that offers the maximum level of performance and adaptability to many networks including ARINC and MIL-STD-1553B, CAN (ARINC 825), AFDX (ARINC 664), Ethernet (TCP, UDP), ARINC 708, Serial (Synchronous/Asynchronous), direct wired IOs (discrete, analog, frequency etc.) and other protocols. The fantastic benefit of employing a simulated unit in place of an actual LRU is the simulation facility. The remarkable benefit of employing a simulated unit in place of an actual LRU is the simulation feature of PATS++.


PATS++ has essentially four interacting modules - Simulation, Monitoring, Analysis and SID (System Interface Designer). Each of these systems can work independently or in a networked environment.

  • Simulation System has the power to simulate any Avionics system defined in the SID with all its capabilities thereby reflecting the actual environment of the UUT.
  • Monitoring System as a passive observer that displays and logs the traffic flowing on the interfaces in real-time for authentication and post-run analysis.
  • Analysis System works off-line and can replay the entire activity in formats and displays that can be chosen by the user.
  • SID is the heart of PATS++ where all the data (ICDs) flowing across various Avionics systems is populated.
Configuration Software:
  1. Windows 2000
  2. QT on Visual C++
  3. Database - Microsoft Access

PATS++ is utilized extensively in all aircraft programs and has more than 300 deployed licenses. Every Test Facility designed to test an LRU separately or in an integrated manner uses PATS++ as its skeleton and user interface. PATS++® is a continuous saga, and it is being continuously evolved by us to extend its support to increasing number of data communication interfaces. With PATS++®, we have the capability of performing flight trials and post flight data analysis on any military aircraft


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