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Harsh Dalmia

Co-founder & COO

With an education in Industrial Technology and Distribution from Purdue University, Harsh began his career in the steel industry working in key roles involving supply chain management, quality control and lean manufacturing. In 2017, Harsh put on the Co-founder's hat and played an instrumental role in re-building Comavia Technologies into what it is today. Harsh focuses on making sure Comavia is operating at the highest technology, quality and efficiency standards possible, whilst also overseeing the successful delivery of key projects. Harsh is a true engineer at heart, with a passion for cars, space exploration and technology.

Mayank Dalmia

Co-founder & CEO

Mayank is an Economics graduate from New York University and prior to 2017, worked with several Fortune 500 companies as a Consultant, advising them on matters ranging from strategy to operations. In 2017, Mayank also took on the role of Co-founder, focusing primarily on Revenue Generation, Go-to-market and Sales, playing a crucial role in establishing Comavia’s market presence and orderbook. Mayank is also keenly involved in the portfolio management of both listed and unlisted investments made by Kahm Capital, the Kahm Group’s investment office. Outside of work, Mayank is passionate about travelling, reading books, playing squash and consuming media.

Manish Khaitan


As a Chartered Accountant, Cost Account and Company Secretary, Manish plays a multi-faceted role in Comavia, being primarily responsible for all financial and commercial matters. He is also keenly involved in supply chain management and purchase, driving cost efficiencies throughout the business. With over 20 years of experience with Kahm Group alone, Manish is an experienced leader, having managed all operations of Kahm's business in Kazakhstan prior to 2017. Manish's hobbies include travelling to historical and culturally significant places and playing badminton.