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Integrated Avionic Test Solutions

The integrated modular electronics framework that supports avionics systems allows the use of off-the-shelf items for less important functions and integrated modular avionics (IMA) technologies for safety-critical avionics functions. These integrated avionics architecture is modular, open, and highly flexible. An integrated system is one that combines, connects, and controls many subsystems to enable the overall system to successfully carry out its functions.

ComAvia's Integrated Avionics Test Solutions has been instrumental in showing the conformance with the requirements and design specification. We provide necessary documentation required for certification of the various LRU’s of the aircraft. Aircraft will be having various avionics subsystems that will work in an integrated environment in the aircraft. It is required to verify the functionality and performance of all these systems in a ground-based integration test facility. ComAvia has been successful in developing integrated avionics test platform for India’s various Military Aircraft programs with testing up to 46 different sub-systems / UUTs / LRUs on ground. Best part of this test solution is simulation of non-available LRUs on ground.

ComAvia provides end-to-end solution for Integrated Avionics Test Solution right from system engineering, detailed engineering, custom product development, Fabrication, Assembly, testing, and qualification. Basically, Integrated Avionics Test Solution provides the facility to test the Avionics LRUs with MIL-1553B, ARINC-429, RS-422, RS-485, RS-232, Ethernet, USB, Discrete, Analog, Synchro, Audio and Video signals as per ICDs (for individual Avionics Computers).