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Comavia Systems Technologies was originally founded by Thomas Varughese, an ex-DRDO scientist and first-generation entrepreneur and was under his leadership until late 2017. In November 2017, following a period of immense challenges, Comavia underwent a ownership and management change. KAHM Group acquired Comavia, under the leadership of Harsh Dalmia and Mayank Dalmia, who took on the role of Co-founders to rebuilt the business from ground up to what it is today.

Comavia Technologies, a subsidiary of KAHM is primarily in the domain of Military Avionics focused on building ground-based test systems for various aircraft programmes including the LCA, MIG 27, Jaguar, Sukhoi, UAVs, Missiles, etc., with a customer base spread over DRDO.ADA, IAF, Indian Navy and HAL With a decade of focused domain experience around avionics systems, Comavia has been contracted to make similar systems for civil programmes by international aerospace companies. The "knowledge capital" of Comavia in this domain is unmatched in India.

Most of what ComAvia has been doing in all its projects for various aircraft programmes in Its 12 years of existence is amply exemplified in the picture given alongside. We are masters in the domain of testing any Avionics Unit in an independent or integrated mode - for that matter; any intelligent computer unit working as a subsystem in an aircraft satellite/automobile/ship/etc. This essentially means we largely understand the functions of the Unit Under Test (UUT) and have a complete knowledge of every piece of data that is flowing in and out of this unit from the external world. Since we've worked with various manned and unmanned aircrafts, we absolutely understand the entire gamut of data like MIL-STD-1553B. ARINC 429, AFDX. Ethernet RS 485, RS 422.Analog. Digital. Tacho. Synchro. etc.

The way we test the LRU is by creating the rest of the aircraft on the ground in an entirely simulated mode or in a combination of simulation and real hardware. The goal being to create an environment which is as real as possible thereby exercising the LRU almost entirely like the way that it would be when connected inside the aircraft.

Aircrafts are built utilising the most potent in-house software, "PORTABLE AVIONICS TEST SOLUTION" or "PATS++," which was developed by ComAvia as a result of having a tonne of avionics testing experience and contains more than ten lakh lines of code. This software resides, interfaces, and interacts with all the necessary hardware to eventually create the rest of the aircraft on the ground. The picture here will give a representative indication of the usual hardware that makes up the rest of the aircraft.




We believe that diversity is a key part of our eco-system. We value each employee's uniqueness and seek to ignite their individuality. This ensures innovation and out-of-the-box ideas, promoting the evolution of processes & methodologies.



In the face of an ever evolving world. KAHM is at the forefront of defining, providing & enabling change. Adaptability in both attitude and action means working without boundaries, and being open to finding unexpected solutions to problems & challenges.



Reliability is one of foundation blocks on which we operate. We strive to maintain 100% transparency with all our business associates and follow strict business ethic principles. Consistency is key to building trust. this is part of our company culture.



Excellence is a result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skilful execution and vision to see obstacles as opportunities This is exemplified by our track record in business over the last two decades, and we hope to continue this tradition.