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The Indian economy's emerging sector is medical devices. India is thought to import close to 86 percent of its medical equipment at the moment. Medical PCB Assembly Technology has reshaped our world in many ways, but the most significant impact is on the field of medical . Diagnosis is the most critical aspect, and in may ways electronics equipment is helping it. There are many machines in the market related to the medical field. X-Rays, CT scanners, ultrasound, medical imagery and MRI’s are some of them.

ComAvia's extensive experience in PCB design and development for the private sector can assist the domestic medical device manufacturer in achieving Atmanirbharta in domestic manufacturing. As an R&D and engineering firm in the avionics industry, ComAvia is extremely familiar with the difficulties in PCB assembly.

PCB design, fabrication, or populating a ready PCB are all subject to special restrictions and challenges. We can supply flawlessly assembled boards thanks to our wealth of knowledge. Although mass production is simple, we can support your demands for prototype assembly so that you can test your idea. Our products follow electronic manufacturing standards and ROHS regulations (ESD Safe)

The Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) are housed by ComAvia in a 600 SFT, air-conditioned, and ESD secure building. Our services include:

Assembling Services:
  • Automated SMD Assembly
  • Mixed Technology PCB Assemblies (SMT + THT)
  • No-lead Package Assembly and Manual assembly (as per need)
  • Smoke-Testing (Power-ON test)
  • Solution Testing and Packaging


Expertise in Embedded Technologies, deeper know-how of real-time communication protocols like MIL-1553B, ARINC-818, ARINC-429, CAN and AFDX form the core around which many of our products are created for space sector. Team also specialises in universal data transaction standards like RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 and Ethernet.

Our passion and expertise have resulted in successful completion of innumerable projects and the development of technology products for the ISRO like RT Validation test system for MIL STD 1553B.

ComAvia has been instrumental in producing sub-assemblies and subsystem for space programs. Electrical wire harnesses and PCB fabrications are carried out as per the customer specific module requirement.