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SID is an Avionics Configuration Database that defines every attribute of every parameter that travels between any two LRUs as defined m the Interface Control Document. The SID works with MIL STD 15538, ARINC 429. CAN, AFDX, Ethernet, ARINC 708, Serial {Synchronous/Asynchronous).


The Simulation module refers the ICD as defined in the System Interface Designer and simulates the data on multiple interfaces simultaneously. It also facilitates the raw simulation without SID.


The Monitoring module can be plugged into any network with multiple systems of different interfaces. This software module monitors the communication between various systems and provides a platform for the diagnostic tests.


The Analysis module assists in the analysis of logged data to understand the behaviour anomalies of the systems. It can be used to perform the protocol analysis.

Data Bus Couplers

ComAvia Technologies designs and manufactures Data Bus Couplers for MIL-STD-1553 to suit fabrication of diverse bus architectures. These couplers, being low on cost, are ideal for airborne as well as ground-based test and development applications.

In-Line Data Bus Coupler is a compact version with tiny dimensions suitable for bus coupling in narrow spaces. With its highly ergonomic construction, In-Line Data Bus Couplers can be bundled together with other cables in the wiring harnesses that can be twisted and be bent to fit into diverse contours of cable housings. Being ultra-light in weight and tiny in dimensions, In-Line Coupler remains insignificant contributor to the bulk or the weight of the coupled cabling. This encourages installing desired number of bus-couplers to suit the bus architectures.

We offer In-line Data Bus Couplers with Single or Dual Stubs. These Couplers are available with or without internal bus-termination. Every coupler configuration is built with Transformer coupling internally. Bus cables for the In-Line Coupler come with or without connectors to suit application needs. The housing for coupling elements provides immunity against EMI, Environmental elements and is anodized to resist corrosion.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Tested and Qualified for aviation (airborne) and space applications
  • Highly reliable (no moving parts) and low-cost solution
  • Delivery against customer specifications (splicing, stub-count) and timeline


HUD is a basic instrument in modern fighter aircrafts which lets the pilot monitor important flight and target information without having to regularly glance down at the dashboard, thus losing visual contact with important objects in front of the aircraft.

HUDSIM can replace the actual HUD for ground applications in Avionics Test Rigs and as a standalone tester when connected to Mission Critical Computer System, Display Processor, Mission Computer, Core Avionics Computer etc.

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