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DAMS - Dynamic Avionics Mission Simulator..... an aircraft on the ground

DAMS is a combination of sub systems built on PCs and embedded hardware capable of simulating various avionics missions of fighter aircraft along with complete cockpit environment and virtual external world.

Salient features:

1. Simulation of Mission Computer (MC) functions like Navigation, Attack, Flight management, Display management, etc.

2. Option to load Mission Planning Data like Flight plan, Waypoint library, Threat library, Aircraft limit data, etc.

3. Simulation of dynamic behavior of various Avionics systems like INS/GPS, Digital Map Generator, Air Data System, VOR/ILS, Laser Ranger/Marked target Seeker, Radio Altimeter, etc. This module works in close co-ordination with the MC simulator in order to generate mission-coherent data.

4. DMG simulator - supports various advanced features of the Digital map generator like full 3D Perspective view mode, Sun Angle shading, Terrain shading, Aeronautical Chart, Ground Proximity Warning (GPW), Clear Line Of Sight (CLOS), etc.

5. Option to select static/dynamic simulation of individual systems.

6. Mathematical models of sensor components for customization of system characteristics and behavior.

7. Aircraft model with joystick and throttle controls.

8. Simulation of external world and cues through graphics.

9. HUD-Generator (HUD-G) - to convert the HUD pixel data from MC simulator to XYZ signal vector.

10. HUD Simulator (HUD-Sim) - to draw the HUD symbology on VGA based on the XYZ vector generated by the SSG.

11. RGB Signal generator (RSS) - to convert the MFD pixel data from MC to STANAG 3350B RGB video.

12. MFD Simulator (MFD-Sim) - to display the STANAG RGB on VGA

13. User friendly, Mission specific, Customizable symbols for HUD and MFD.

Dynamic Avionics Mission Simulator